At Lingua Cambodia our industry-specialist Khmer/Cambodian transcriptionists cover an extensive range of materials, from legal, medical, property, technical, academic, insurance, film and radio. Our team of transcribers can handle any kind of file, including audio and video recordings. (NB: for the most precise Khmer/ Cambodian transcription, please provide high-fidelity audio or high-definition video recordings.

All of our transcription processes are confidential. We are able to conduct all transcription services, including meeting minutes, legal statements, investigate interviews, and media interviews.

  • Audio Transcription

    Audio transcription is the procedure of converting audio to text in the initial language, or transcribing audio files to a written text format. Such services are employed by courts, legal entities, academic institutions, media, and public relation organizations. We provide transcriptions of either the verbatim audio transcription, plus our transcribers can provide written transcriptions as well.

  • Video transcription

    Let’s get real – the reach and quantity of online videos today are both awe-inspiring and unprecedented in output. If you want more eyes on your content, have Lingua Cambodia create transcripts of your videos. We are an affordable service provider creating precise video-to-text documents. We’ll ensure a wider reach by getting users and search engines to find and promote you.

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